Vset3D Studio

Vset3D Studio 2.0.4 Update

Vset3D Studio 2.0.4 is available for download Added external matte input support to work with an external keyer Like Blackmagic Design Ultimatte

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Unity Addressable file

Using addressable files in Vset3D

Enhance Vset3D with Unity 3D Addressable Assets   Unity 3D Addressable Assets is a powerful asset management system that allows you to efficiently load and manage assets in your Unity projects. When combined with Vset3D, a virtual set and virtual environment creation tool, Addressable Assets offer a seamless workflow for creating immersive and interactive experiences.

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Real time Ray-Tracing

Real time Ray-Tracing This video is an example of real time Ray-Tracing rendering produced with Vset3D   Vset3D is a powerful virtual studio software that allows you to create and customize virtual sets for your video productions. With the real-time ray-tracing feature, you can add realistic lighting and shadows to your virtual sets, creating a

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Camera Set

Camera Set   Camera Set is an innovative solution that offers a new approach to camera animation. See in store It is an extension that can be installed on all versions of Vset3D Studio Consisting of several pre-configured camera mounts, Camera Set includes a telescopic rail crane, a JIB, four pedestal cameras, and a monitor.

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