Vset3D 2.1.14 Demo Version


Virtual Set and AR production

Sets Included in the Full Version

Ndi™ To Blackmagic Design DeckLink™

Converts any Ndi™ video stream to Blackmagic Design DeckLink™ video output.

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ACTOR 1.0.1 Demo

The Power of Simplified Animation

Two Pillars, One Power :

Actor Core: The real-time 3D rendering engine. 

Actor Remote: The control center which is organized around a timeline.

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Unreal engine scenes converted for Vset3D

You can download these scenes for free or learn how to convert Unreal scene in this video tutorial

4K Video Demo

This 4K video shows some examples of the rendering possibilities of Vset3D Studio 2

Recommended hardware configuration

  • Processor Intel or AMD.
  • GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 30XX, RTX 40XX.
  • 16Gb Ram.
  • BlackMagic DeckLink Video capturecard.
  • Operating System Windows 10/11 64Bits.