Based on the Unity 3D game engine, Vset3D allows you to use Unity’s addressable files.

Addressable files are a type of asset in Unity that are optimized for efficient loading. They can be easily managed and accessed within the Unity editor, making it easy for users to incorporate a wide range of content into their virtual set projects.

Create your 3D sets with Unity and import them into Vset3D Studio.

Using addressable files in Vset3D allows users to easily incorporate large amounts of data into their projects, such as 3D models, textures, audio files, and more.

This can be especially useful for creating complex and detailed virtual sets, as it allows users to easily manage and access all of the assets needed for their project.

Overall, Vset3D’s integration with Unity’s addressable file system is a powerful tool for users looking to create professional quality virtual set projects with enhanced flexibility and performance.

Download Addressable Help Files

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