How to save time in creating a virtual studio

How to save time in creating a virtual studio.

Vset3D, offers custom support to its users to help them set up their virtual set project. The Vset3D team can assist with the integration of hardware, lighting, camera, and 3D elements to optimize the virtual studio experience. One of the key benefits of this support is the time-saving aspect.

Forget the technical aspects.

 Users no longer have to spend hours figuring out the technical aspects of setting up a Vset3D virtual studio project on their own. Additionally, the Vset3D team can also provide advice and guidance on the use of the software.

Send us your files.

To make the process even more efficient, users can send their 3D files to the Vset3D team for review and suggestions. Furthermore, the team can also edit the Vset3D project for users if needed. This allows for a seamless and smooth virtual studio production experience.

Become self-sufficient.

By working closely with users and providing personalized advice, the Vset3D team can help users improve their skills and knowledge and become self-sufficient.


Support Stage 1 :

  • Send your 3D file to get advices regarding 3D model optimization..

 This option is free and applies to all Vset3D users.  

Support Stage 2 :

  • Benefit from support to define your project.
  • Fbx integration into ready to use Vset3D Project.
  • Basic lighting.

 More information…  

Support Stage 3 :

  • Advanced FBX integration into Vset3D Library.
  • Pre-lighting optimization with Unity3D.
  • Ray traced settings.
  • Virtual camera’s setup.
  • Animation & Control panel macro.

 More information…   In order to benefit from the integration support, users must already own their textured 3D file.