Antilatency 3D tracking systems

Smallest 6dof positional tracker in the world


We’re excited to announce that Vset3D supports Antilatency devices for 3D tracking!

Antilatency is a company that specializes in providing inside-out tracking systems for various applications, including Virtual Reality (VR)Augmented Reality (AR)Virtual ProductionMotion Capture (MoCap)Drones, and Robotics. Here are some key points about Antilatency:

  1. Positional Tracking System:

    • Antilatency’s technology enables precise positional tracking within a designated area without restrictions on scale or shape.
    • The system allows an unlimited multiuser experience within the tracking area.
    • It’s an inside-out tracking solution, meaning it doesn’t rely on external cameras or sensors.
    • The tracking area can be customized and scaled up to 100×100 meters or any desired shape.
    • No calibration is needed, and the system is cost-effective compared to traditional outside-in camera setups.
  2. Alt Tracker:

    • Antilatency offers the Alt, which is a hardware module for real-time positional tracking with submillimeter accuracy.
    • The Alt tracker is incredibly compact, measuring only 16x16x20mm and weighing just 12 grams.
    • It uses a sensor fusion approach, combining inertial measurement unit (IMU) data with optical information for accurate tracking.
    • The tracker compensates for rendering latency and ensures smooth performance.
  3. Customizable Area:

    • Antilatency’s tracking system relies on active IR markers placed in the tracking area.
    • The area can be covered with a foam floor, allowing precise installation of reference bars while ensuring user safety.
    • The foam floor’s puzzle-like construction enables both scalability and custom shapes.
  4. Modular Design:

    • The Alt tracker can be combined with different sockets to adapt to various hardware needs.
    • Sockets include:
      • HMD socket: Compatible with popular headsets, allowing flexibility in VR environments.
      • Tag: A wireless module for tracking real-world objects in virtual environments (e.g., custom controllers).
      • Bracer: Enables hand tracking and interaction in VR.


In summary, Antilatency’s technology empowers immersive experiences across different domains by providing accurate and versatile positional tracking solutions. You can learn more on their website



We’re excited to offer our users the ability to use Antilatency devices with Vset3D, and we can’t wait to see the amazing virtual sets and augmented reality experiences they’ll create. Whether you’re a content creator, filmmaker, or virtual production studio, be sure to check out Antilatency and Vset3D to take your productions to the next level!