Vset3D Studio Free


Vset3D Studio Free 2.0.4

Make sure you have a suitable GPU >> Nvidia GeForce RTX 30XX or RTX 40XX, and 1920 x 1080 display minimum.

Don’t forget to check your Spam mail to make sure you received your free activation.

Vset3D Studio is a software that allows you to create stunning 3D virtual environments for your projects. With its wide range of lighting effects and camera controls, it’s easy to elevate the  production value of your content. All you need is a green screen, a good light source, and a camera to capture or stream your footage.



Vset3D, offers custom support to its users to help them set up their virtual set project. The Vset3D team can assist with the integration of hardware, lighting, camera, and 3D elements to optimize the virtual studio experience

One of the main advantages of this support is the time saving aspect, especially for your first project.




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