Virtual Set 047 For Vset3D Studio


Virtual Set 047 For Vset3D Studio

VSet3D offers a wide variety of virtual sets that can be purchased and used within Vset3d Studio. The virtual sets range from traditional TV studio to futuristic, fantasy environments.

These sets are designed to be fully customizable, allowing users to adjust texture, lighting, camera angles, and other elements to create the perfect look for their project.

The virtual sets library available on Shop are designed by professional artists and are optimized for use with the latest Nvidia RTX technology. The sets are high-resolution and are compatible with green screen technology, making them easy to use in live-streaming, broadcast, and video production.

Additionally, the virtual sets in the library also compatible with Vset3D Expert 3D tracking and FreeD feature, which allows users to create camera movements in all three dimensions. This feature enables the users to move around the virtual set as if it were real, and give their audience the feeling of being in a real studio.

These libraries are designed for Vset3D Studio, they cannot be used with other software. These are not FBX files.


This library is designed to be imported into Vset3D Studio, it cannot be used with other software. It is not an FBX file.

Before installing this library, make sure that Vset3D Studio is properly installed on your computer.


Once the installation is complete, start Vset3D studio and select  Add Object from Library, then Virtual Set to import the file into your project.