Please note that in order to get the best out of Vset3D and any other video software, you must selects the correct display frequency based on your monitor characteristics. You must take this into consideration when importing live video or any of your media content.




Vset3D Video Tutorial


Vset3D | Interface Overview

Vset3D | Camera

Vset3D | Import FBX

Step to follow for a good FBX compatibility:

  • export your FBX from your  favorite 3D software: 3DSMax, C4D, Blender, Maya …
  • use FBX version 2013
  • use only JPG or PNG as textures
  • do not use Embed Media option.
  • save all your textures in the same directory as your 3D model
  • do not export camera or light
  • Keep polygons numbers lower as possible
  • do not parent object in your scene,  Keep all your objects at the same hierarchy level

Vset3D | Lights

Vset3D | Dolly

Vset3D | Keyer

Vset3D | Save & Setup

Vset3D | Sky Dome


Vset3D And vMix

Vset3D And OBS | Open Broadcaster Software 

Vset3D And Wirecast



Vset3D And Livestream Studio 6