Vset3D PRO | To work with your own FBX

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Vset3D Pro

Vset3D Pro Allows you to work with your own FBX


Vset3DPro gives you the opportunity to work with your own Virtual Set. Just import your FBX Virtual Set into Vset3DPro and start to work.

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Vset3D Pro


Work with your own 3D virtual set, Import your FBX into Vset3DPro


Some of the Vset3D key features  
Real-time 3D Software YES
Real-time ChromaKeyer YES
3 NDI input NewTek NDI® YES
4 NDI output NewTek NDI®
Native Support For Blackmagic IN/OUT Card
3 Live video input and Output YES
 FBX Set import YES
4K h264 video files YES
Real-time Shadows YES
Real-time reflection YES
No rendering time YES
Internal video capture tool YES
SkyDome and animated Clouds YES
Depth of field YES

You will find all the technical recommendations for an optimal use of Vset3D on our website under the section ‘Features-overview’.

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