Support Stage 1


Custom support

Vset3D, offers custom support to its users to help them set up their virtual set project. The Vset3D team can assist with the integration of hardware, lighting, camera, and 3D elements to optimize the virtual studio experience. One of the key benefits of this support is the time-saving aspect.


Support Stage 1 for 12 Months :

  • 3D file analysis

In order to benefit from the integration support, users must already own their textured 3D file.



3D file analysis

Before starting a project, it is important to analyse the 3D models to ensure they meet the requirements for good real-time 3D performance and rendering quality. If necessary, recommendations will be provided to your team to refine the models and optimize them for the intended GPU/CPU. This analysis helps ensure that the project can achieve the desired visual quality and performance while maximizing efficiency and maintaining the right frame rate.