Camera Set


Camera Set

Camera Set is an innovative solution that offers a new approach to camera animation.

It is an extension that can be installed on all versions of Vset3D Studio

Consisting of several pre-configured camera mounts, Camera Set includes a telescopic rail crane, a JIB, four pedestal cameras, and a monitor.

Each equipment is equipped with a camera that inherits all the parameters of the standard Vset3D Studio cameras, providing a perfect visual coherence.

Camera Set provides access to a variety of complex camera movements and allows the creation of elaborate crane movements with just a few mouse clicks.

Additionally, each camera is equipped with a target that allows for control and animation of its orientation, allowing for intuitive and automatic subject tracking.




Crane :

It is a travelling crane with telescopic arms, it is fully keyframable, and the crane head integrates a compensation to keep its horizontal position.




It is a simple arm mounted on a tripod, it is fully keyframable, the head integrates a compensation to keep its horizontal position.




2-stage pedestal :

It is a 2-stage pedestal , it is fully keyframable,



Monitor on tripod: