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    Use your USB cable to copy the file Vset3DLanSwitcher.apk from Vset3D-Switcher_PC_Android\Vset3D-Switcher_Android to your android device and execute it .

    To connect Vset3D and Vset3D switcher, enter the IP you get from the computer which runs Vset3DLanVersion (step 2) on Vset3D switcher ( step 6 ).

    Concerning the port number, enter 7777 on both computers.
    The password is optional, but if you choose to use it, enter the same password on Vset3D and Vset3D switcher.

    Network set up:
    Your Vset3D computer and remote device must be on the same network.
    step 1 – Start Vset3D and Press “Start Vset3D Lan”.
    step 2 – Press “Find Server IP Address” to get your IP address.
    step 3 – Set your password and network port.
    step 4 – Press “Start Vset3D Lan”.
    step 5 – Start “Vset3DLanSwitcher” on your remote computer.
    step 6 – Enter your IP server, network port and your password.
    step 7 – Press “Connect To Vset3D”.

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