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    We added some new features on Vset3D and Vset3D Pro.

    New Chromakeyer:

    Now Vset3D comes with a new Chromakeyer on each live input and video player. It gives you a better control of the edges of the keyer, thanks to the new smooth control parameter.


    New NDI input:

    We also added a new video input called NDI. Network DeviceInterface (NDI). It is a new standard introduced by NewTek. Vset3D can now accept any video source coming from your NDI applications or devices. NDI is a royalty free video over IP standard and is available for download here.


    New Decor Setting tool:

    Vset3D supports the lighting technology called global illumination for a long time now. Vset3D uses this technology to cast light from objects in the set and calculate the global lighting reflection. Now Vset3D allows you to control the emission of colour of any object in the set and turns it into light source. It gives you a better control to your lighting setup and a more realistic look. The colour, glossiness, metallic and transparency parameters can now also be modified through the new Decor Setting tool.


    Ambient Occlusion:

    We added a new tool to give you a control on the occlusion setting. If you are not familiar to this parameter, do not hesitate to read this on Wikipedia.


    Vset3D pro:

    Vset3D pro allows you to import your own 3D set in 3DS or FBX format. The new chromakey, ambient occlusion and the NDI input are also present on Vset3D pro. The global illumination is not available on Vset3D Pro.




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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by  Vset3D.
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