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    For our own tests we use Blackmagic© capture card successfully, certain web cams are also compatible.
    Blackmagic Design:
    DeckLink Duo
    Intensity Pro
    DeckLink HD Extreme 3D


    emre anlayisli

    hi im using vset3d with two cards, my first card is decklink duo and the other one is DeckLink HD Extreme 3D and i test it with two of this cards with different two computers so still have problem;
    when i select ouput video to decklink it shows well and there is no problem but when i change camera plans (when its moving to another plan) it is not playing fluently (looks like frame droping)

    How i fix that problem: if i choose output size to 1280×720 problem solves but i need full hd resoulation

    Thanks for any help



    Vset3D must be run at 60 or 50 fps to obtain a good sync and smooth camera movement.

    -try to run vset3D with a lower resolution or in draft mode.
    -try to reduce the footage size.
    -try another codec, I recommend Lagarith codec.

    You also can try to run vset3D at 30 or 25 fps. If your monitor supports this frequency, create a custom resolution in the nvidia control panel:
    1080p 25Hz or 30Hz
    1280p 25Hz or 30Hz

    Our smallest test computer:
    – GTX 760
    – i5
    – 8G Ram
    – win7
    – 120G ssd
    The capture performance of Vset3D is limited at 1080 25fps on this computer. For 1080 50 fps we use this software>> Fraps

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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