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    before recording any sequence you must install the appropriate data-compression video and audio codecs on your computer. You will then need to adjust your video capture parameters.

    Resolution :

    Original :
    Adjusts the video capture size according
    to the parameters defined when first
    launching Vset3D.

    means half size and Quarter means a
    quarter of the original size…

    Specific :
    This allows you to set your own
    resolution. You are strongly advised
    to use multiples of 8.

    Frame Rate :
    This defines the video capture
    frame rate in frames per second.

    Real Time :
    By default keep this option ticked.

    Using Video Codec :
    Click on the plus sign next to the menu to open the drop down menu and select your video codec. Click on Configure Codec to set your parameters. Repeat these steps to set up the Using audio Codec options.

    Using Audio Source :
    Click on the plus sign next to the menu to select which audio source you want to use to import your media.

    Directory :
    Enter the path to the directory where you wish to save your media. For instance this could be: C:/VideoCapture

    Start Capture :
    Begin capturing media. The C key on your keyboard is a shortcut to start and stop the capture.

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