Features Overview

Vset3D virtual studio set Features Overview

Vset3D is a real-time 3D virtual studio. With no rendering time necessary, you can produce your own videos in real-time, using live footage and pre-recorded green screen videos.

You may also insert still images as well as videos and 3D objects into Vset3D.

Vset3D offers a true virtual environment where you can create a large number of lighting effects using the same set.




How it works :

In order to use Vset3D virtual studio set you have to use green screen footage or you will need access to a green screen studio. Vset3D works on PC running under Windows10. You will also need a Direct X 11 compatible graphics card.

  • Film yourself standing in front of a blue or green screen.
  • Adjust the video keying using the dedicated tool in Vset3D.
  • Set the 10 virtual camera positions using your computer mouse.


  Switcher Control Software

Control Vset3D From PC or Android Device through IP network




4 NDI® outputs

Allow you to get 4 different cameras from Vset3D and switch it with your Tricaster, or software like vMix  and VidBlaster

Vset3D And vMix

Vset3D uses NDI® technology which allows you to send and receive video over IP. This video shows you the way to use vset3D as virtual set for vMix® software. You can do the same with the Newtek Tricaster® . You can use the vMix® chroma key and send transparent videos to Vset3D, thanks to NDI® Alpha 32 video.

 Vset3D ReadyVset3D ProVset3D Show
DMX FixturesNoNoYes
Volumetric LightsNoNoYes
 FBX  Virtual set ImportNoYes
Media Player444
Live input Video (WDM driver)222
Live input Video (for  Blackmagic cards ) 333
Live output Video (for Blackmagic  cards )
14 different cameras4 different cameras
NewTek NDI® Input + Alpha 32
NewTek NDI® Output4 different cameras4 different cameras4 different cameras
Animated FBX Model Import111
Virtual set included1011
Texture Editor
Internal Chroma Key on media & live  inputYesYesYes
Camera DollyYesYesYes
Animated CloudsYesYesYes
Sun Light RayYesYesYes
5 Customizable lightsYesYesYes
Reflective FloorYesYesYes
Camera Depth Of Field ControlYesYesYes
Colour CorrectionYesYesYes
Transparent Overlay111
live video Picture in picture  Overlay111
Camera position SwitchingYesYesYes
Camera Speed Movement ControlYesYesYes
Dolly, Automatic Camera MovementYesYesYes
Bloom EffectYesYesYes
Vignetting EffectYesYesYes
SSR (Screen Space Reflection)YesYesYes
Temporal anti-aliasingYesYesYes
Record on local diskYesYesYes

TCP-IP Listener


Switcher Control

Pal & NTSC ready 30 / 60 Fps and 25 / 50 FpsYesYesYes
Operating SystemWindows 10 64BitsWindows 10 64BitsWindows 10 64Bits


NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.

vMix is a registered trademark of StudioCoast Pty Ltd.

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