Vset3D is a Virtual set Software

Vset3D is a virtual set software, fully compatible with NewTek NDI TriCaster, vMix and VidBlaster.

With no rendering time necessary, you can produce your own videos in real-time, using live footage and pre-recorded green screen videos.

You may also insert still images as well as videos and 3D objects into the Vset3D. Vset3D offers a true virtual environment where you can create a large number of lighting effects using the same set.

In order to use Vset3D you have to use green screen footage or you will need access to a green screen studio.




Hardware configuration

Processor Intel I7
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card.
8Gb Ram
SSD storage.
 BlackMagic DeckLink Video capture card.

Operating System  Windows 10 64Bits

NDI Runtime

Vset3D requires NDI Runtime 


Vset3D PK01 3.0 Demo

Vset3D Pk01 is a real-time 3D virtual studio software including 10 ready to use virtual sets.


Release date 12/11/2019




Vset3D Pro 3.0 Demo

Vset3D Pro gives you the opportunity to work with your own Virtual Set. Import your FBX Virtual Set into Vset3D Pro and start to work.


Release date 12/11/2019




Vset3D Starter Edition Demo

Vset3D Starter Edition is a reworked version of Vset3DPro specifically designed to run on modest computers.

Vset3D Starter Edition is the ideal solution to discover all the virtual set tools at a small price


Release date 07/04/2020




Vset3D LanSwitcher V2.0 Demo For PC

Control Vset3D From PC Device through IP network and MIDI

  Switcher2.0_demo (23.4 MiB)

Release date 06/15/2020






Free Vset3D LanSwitcher V1.1 For Android (26.0 MiB)

Release date 12/17/2018






Free Vset3D LanSwitcher V1.1 For PC (16.9 MiB)

Release date 12/17/2018